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Shorter lead times. Custom Civil Products.
Manufacturing Plants in QLD, NSW & VIC.
Shorter lead times. Custom Civil Products.
Manufacturing Plants in QLD, NSW & VIC.
Shorter lead times. Custom Civil Products.
Manufacturing Plants in QLD, NSW & VIC.
Shorter lead times. Custom Civil Products.
Manufacturing Plants in QLD, NSW & VIC.
Shorter lead times. Custom Civil Products.
Manufacturing Plants in QLD, NSW & VIC.
Shorter lead times. Custom Civil Products.
Manufacturing Plants in QLD, NSW & VIC.


At Tri Underground we are here to supply you a complete one-stop-shop package for all your underground trenching requirements prior to the installation of cable. This is why across all three of our branches we stock and supply a large variety of consumables to meet your projects needs. Along with our core consumables range listed below, we can custom order items to fulfil your project requirements.

cable hard cover rolls and strips

Cable Hard Cover is used as a protective warning barrier between your conduits and the ground, alerting anyone digging that there is conduit buried below. This hard cover is orange and black in colour and displays the text “DANGER ELECTRIC CABLE BELOW”. It is available in both single- and double-sided hard cover rolls and strips in 150mm, 200mm and 300mm wide options at 5.5mm thick. This product is manufacture to AS4702 standards and is widely used in a variety of applications including HV & LV cable installations, Endeavour Energy, and Energy Queensland networks.

underground marking tape

Similar to cable hard cover, underground marking tape or ‘soft tape’ is used as a warning only layer over electrical of communication conduit installations. Electrical underground marking tape is orange in colour to match the conduit and the communications is white. Standard roll sizes are 150mm wide x 500m long and is manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS2648.11995 and AS/NZS 4275 Part 0 199. A detectable version that includes a trace wire or ‘magnetic strip’ running through the tape is also available that allows the tape to be detected from the grounds surface level.

Polyethylene Dust Caps and Polystyrene Plugs

Light duty electrical PVC conduit is orange in colour and can be used for both LV and HV underground installations (as per relevant authority specifications). Standard sizing includes 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm in 4.5m and 6m lengths. See specification table below for more information

PVC End caps

PVC end caps or ‘hard caps’ are used as a more permanent solution to close off electrical and communication conduits and reduce unwanted materials entering the conduits. They are manufactured from a solid PVC hard material; these caps are available in orange to suit electrical conduits or white to suit communications. They are available in a 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm & 200mm size respective of the relevant conduit sizes/colouring.

rubber plugs

Rubber Plugs or ‘bungs’ are used to minimise unwanted materials inside NBN and Telstra conduits. They black rubber and can be purchased to suit 20mm, 50mm and 100mm NBN and Telstra conduits.


Sponges are used in a variety of applications on site however are commonly used for plugging conduits with existing cables already hauled through to minimise unwanted materials These are white sponges and sold in bags of 200.

spray and mark paint

Dy-Mark Spray and Mark is a handheld spray paint aerosol that can be used inverted for line markings on roads and other pathways. They are fast and convenient and come fitted with the original one piece ‘Trigger cap’. These are stocked in a variety of colours across our three branches and include blue, fluro orange, fluro pink, white, black, yellow and red. Blue Long arm handles are also available and have a trigger handle, so no bending is required to apply the spray to the grounds surface.

rope and string

A variety of ropes and strings are available for a multitude of applications. Rope is attached to cables and hauling / proofing mandrels to assist with pulling them through conduits. Our current ropes available are;
6mm Parramatta rope (often referred to as Telstra Rope or Blue & Yellow rope)

  • 4mm Green Mega Rope 1000m roll
  • 4mm PP Rope 300m Blue Reel
  • 3mm Orange Jet line 1000m roll
  • 2mm white polypropylene string 2000m roll

Availability may vary from branch to branch dependent on state requirement

glue and primer

Solvent cement is used to glue PVC conduits and fittings together to avoid movement in the trench while pulling cable and backfilling. The commonly used “blue glue” is available in a 4L, 1L and 500ml. The 500ml option comes with a handy application brush under the lid, there is also an option for a roller which we can source upon request. Other variations such as Green Glue used for higher pressure conduit installations is also available upon request. Sizes held in each branch may vary.

Red Priming fluid is used to clean conduits of unwanted materials prior to gluing to allow for proper connection. This is available in a 4L, 1L and 500ml option. Low vapour glue and priming fluid is also available.

lubricant gel

Lubricant Gel is applied to the cable to reduce friction in high stress hauling applications. This is available in a 10L bucket.

duct tape

Duct Tape is a grey, multipurpose PVC adhesion tape that is used for a multitude of application on site including joining and sealing conduits. This can be purchased in singular rolls.

marker plates

Marker plates are used for identification and directional purposes on pits, concrete markers blocks, gutters / kerbing and pathways. These are available in Brass, Stainless Steel and Aluminium. They are used in a variety of networks and are available in customisable plate shape, size, and word design.

Marker disks or ‘kerb markers’ are used for identifying the type of services and conduits buried below in footpaths and street kerbs. These are available in stainless steel and brass for;

E – Electrical
G – Gas
T – Telstra
W – Water
S – Sewer
C – Communications
SW – Stormwater

Other markers are available upon request. Please contact our team for more information and options.

wire cleaning brushes and conduit rubber cleaner

Wire Brushes are used to internally clean conduits of larger unwanted materials prior to hauling your rubber cleaner through. It’s made with 22g wire strands and is complete with welded eyes at each end for pulling. The rubber conduit cleaner is run through the conduit after the wire brush to then remove any finer materials.

They are available in sizes to suit 50mm, 63mm, 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 200mm conduit.

proving mandRels

Mandrels are used to proof clearance in the conduit after backfilling and prior to hauling cables through. The relevant authority that the job’s specification is working towards will determine what conduit proof is required e.g 90% or 96%. They are designed with wire eye at each end to attach your rope to for hauling. Mandrels are measure by the OD and are available in standard sizes including 14mm, 18mm, 24mm,28mm, 32mm, 38mm, 40mm, 47mm, 48mm, 52mm, 60mm, 74mm, 78mm, 88mm, 96mm, 113mm, 118mm, 130mm, 138mm and 184mm. Custom mandrel sizes are available upon request.

pit lifter keys

Lifter Keys are designed to safely lift pit lids on/off pits and to lock swivel lock lids. Tri Underground stock two styles of pit lifter keys – one is a Fiberglass insulated Shaft LHFGM and the other is a Telstra style lifter. Other styles including short & long handle lifters are also available upon request.

Telstra Style Lifting Key: This pit lifter key is a metal, universal-style pit lifter that suits most lids including P1-P9, T60 & T100 pit lids.

Fibreglass Lifting Key: This pit lifter has a fibreglass shaft meaning it is non-conductive and safer for handling lids that have potentially exposed cabling beneath them.