Conduit Spacers

Conduit spacers are used in a trench to allow consistent separation of electrical and communication conduits. Tri Underground are proudly supplying The Spacer Co Conduit spacers who offer a range of Australian Made Clip Together, QIKBUILD and Baffle spacers to suit any trench profile.


The Spacer Company Spacers

Clip Together Spacers

Clip Together conduit spacers are a simple and effective way to build uniformed rows and columns of spacers in a trench and are available to suit 100mm, 125mm, 150mm & 200mm conduits.  These come with a standard separation of 50mm however this separation can be increased with the use of Spacer Blocks which are available in 20mm, 25mm & 50mm sizes.


QIKBUILD conduit spacers are a newer design similar to the clip together spacers that allows for a faster and easier build. They slide together rather than clip which makes for a faster assembly and disassembly in case a change needs to be made on site. They are currently available in a 100mm & 150mm option. The 100mm spacers are available in a 50mm separation and the 150mm are available in both 70 and 75mm separation.

Baffle Spacers

Baffle spacers are made from a white celluka board and are a customisable solution to suit any trench profile. Where the traditional Clip Together and QIKBUILD options must be used in defined rows and columns, the baffle spacers can be completely customised to suit any application.

Other Spacers

Tri Underground can source and supply a range of other conduit spacers including 3-way and 4-way spacers which offer a 50mm separation between conduits.

Ask us today to find out which spacer would best suit your trench needs and project requirements.