Queensland Main Roads Intersection Upgrades


Queensland Main Roads have undertaken several upgrades of traffic intersections where the TriTuff plastic composite cover for the 600mm circular pit has been used providing an aesthetically pleasing, lightweight and strong solution to provide access to cables.

Product Featured: TriTuff Circular 600 Queensland Main Roads Access Pit, Frame and Cover




Project:                  Various Intersection Upgrades

Customer:              Queensland Main Roads

Chermside_TrituffTri Underground have developed the plastic composite access cover for the standard Queensland Main Roads circular pit.  The cover and frame comply with MRTS91 but provide the benefits of being lightweight, strong (to AS3996 Class B), durable, lockable and much better from a health and safety perspective for installers and maintenance staff.

The cover is available for Communications, Electrical and Traffic Signal applications and is approved by authorities such as Queensland Main Roads, Brisbane City Council, Gold Coast City Council and Cairns Regional Council.